What are your fees?

We at Maritime Phones do not charge a fee for our service. We continuously search the market for the latest and easiest offers that other users have qualified for, and we aim to present all these offers to you in order to help you save time and money. We do this for free, so you’ll never have to worry about any hidden costs.

Why apply through your site if I can apply direct?

You sure can apply direct, but by using Maritime Phones, you improve your chances of getting accepted for a mobile contract because we will point you only to deals where you will most likely get accepted.

It’s a common misconception that you are given a broader range of options when you apply directly with the network providers. However, we aim to break that notion. In fact, the truth is that you can gain even further access to more offers because of the exclusive deals our partners offer through using our service.

Will I be credit checked?

Unfortunately, yes. There is no way to bypass credit check measures, because they are a routine performed not just by network providers, but nearly any other type of business. No responsible company will ever provide service to anyone without checking the applicant’s credit background.

But don’t lose hope, because the credit checks performed by our partners are less stringent than usual. This is because they have specific products offered to poor credit customers, and our job is to market these products.

What types of phones are currently on offer?

Because we work with several providers, we have every type of phone you can imagine, ranging from basic call-and-text phones to the most popular feature phones. We also have some select smartphones available for you, and depending on the cost and your current credit, you may be able to obtain some of these handsets.

Do you offer iPhone 6?

Unfortunately, the newest and most expensive phones, such as the iPhone 6 are not recommended if you have bad credit problem. The demand is so high and the supply is very limited, and you can only expect that those with superior credit will be prioritised, because the companies wouldn’t risk giving out these phones easily to poor credit applicants. We recommend you apply for less expensive handsets to secure success, then you can easily upgrade later on.