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Welcome to the Maritime Wales site.

The journal Cymru a’r Môr/Maritime Wales was established in 1976 by Aled Eames, a lecturer at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, Lewis Lloyd, a lecturer at Coleg Harlech, and Bryn Parry, the Gwynedd Archivist. The establishment of the journal reflected a growing interest in the maritime history of Wales, which was particularly active in Gwynedd at that time, and its publication, then as now, was undertaken by Gwynedd Council.

In their inaugural editorial, the editors stated:


“We will attempt to include in Maritime Wales a variety of articles which will appeal to a wide readership and which will cover as many aspects as possible of the story of man’s encounter with the sea around the coasts of Wales and further afield. Wales’s maritime links with other countries on other continents are of particular interest to us…. above all, we will aim at recording the story of the ships of Wales through the ages, the men who owned them, and the men (and women) who sailed in them. We hope that this journal will also provide a forum for those who have personal or family knowledge of Welsh seafaring life to contribute and thus assist in reconstructing as much as possible of our maritime past….”


These principles remain good to this day.