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Hello and welcome to Maritime Phones!

Are you having problems in obtaining a contract because you have a really bad record of credit scores? Could it be that you have an awful financial history that the mobile provider rejected you for this reason or that they charge you more for the most recent phone of the century. Maritime Phones welcomes a lot of clients who have poor credit scores and are in need of a mobile phone for certain purposes. Simply fill out our quick online form and we’ll take you to your new mobile contract within minutes!

First, here are some of the things that you need to know.

Who We Are

First of all, we are working hand in hand with different providers so they can lend a helping hand to these clients with really bad credit to get a contract phone. We are here to find ways to solve your problem, in spite of you having a dreadful credit score.

Next, it is a must to be aware of the reason these phone companies do not just simply give out contracts to those people who have poor credits. The answer to this is that the current smartphones that are sold in the market like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 are greatly paid a subsidy to. The customers that they truly trust are given these kinds of phones if they are hooked to a one-year or two-year contract, whichever they choose. This will then allow the customer to get the desired phone without paying right away. Because the customer pays his or her contract monthly, the network can regain money through this.

It would surely be a problem on your part when the company that offers free smartphones on their contracts suspects you as a customer who may not be able to pay for this kind of deal. Every network has this operation called pre-set credit score. If you do not measure up to the requirements that they have, chances are they will think that you pose a threat to their business and possibly never offer you that kind of contract for they might lose money on the process if they do so.

However, it should be kept in mind that there is no way for us to offer you guaranteed phone contracts, no matter how experienced we may be in helping out thousands of other customers just like you. The thing is, most networks still carry out credit checks, and while one network in the UK called Shebang has recently become popular because of their so-called guaranteed contract phones, the choice of handsets is very limited. Thus, we suggest sticking to Maritime Phones, as well as to these tried and tested methods in getting a mobile phone contracts successfully.

How to Get a Contract Phone with Bad Credit?

There are three probable end results if you apply for a mobile contract:

  1. You will be welcomed without any objections as you succeed in the credit check test
  2. You may be asked by the mobile provider or network to pay for the smartphone you want in advance as a deposit. This will then be given back to you when you have ended the contract
  3. You are rejected or turned down

We wish for our customers to really have fun with the benefits of paying monthly. Also, we have gathered some key points to increase your chances of getting a contract of your choice even if you have a really terrible credit score.

  • You are part of an electoral roll. Register to an electoral roll and avail a contract having the same address that you have put in.
  • Go for a really cheap mobile phone. If you go for an expensive mobile phone, you will find yourself being rejected by the company. Availing for a contract with an iPhone to go along with is one of the most difficult contracts for you to get.
  • Reapplying many times is a no-no. When you have experienced rejection from the company, do not keep on reapplying for this would give them a negative impression on you.

For more tips on getting a mobile phone contract with bad credit, head on over to

As you can see, there is really no need for you to fall for “guaranteed phone contracts” promised by other websites, because here at Maritime Phones, we will help you learn how to obtain a mobile contract in a legitimate way. With the help of our service and a few other simple tweaks, you can be one step closer to the contract phone of your dreams!

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